mi hermanas

About a week ago, my friend Kara and her hermana and my sisters went downtown for a small photoshoot. After tired legs, police officers, scary people, and disgusting smells, we had 156 noteworthy photos from our efforts. Enjoy.

Hannah. She inherited the beautiful smile, eyes, and hair. *jealous*

Random - as usual! Credit Miss Kara

Sarah sat in the middle of the parking lot moaning about what to do. During these shots, a curious worker at the Chinese restaurant watched in surprise...

She's a cutie.

She can laugh like Santa Claus, beat anyone in a sarcastic battle, and can win sisters over with her adorable charm.


My gorgeous sis.

Getting bored...

I love her smirk!

Oh - yeah - me? Just had to squeeze myself in there. Credit Miss Kara


  1. love the photos. You're all so beautiful girls! Miss you so much!

  2. Wow...these look really good!I'm thoroughly impressed!

  3. The photos are so cute ! All of you girls look gorgeous :)And that dress looks so cute on you...

  4. I love creative pictures. :)

    We made memories, didn't we. :D

  5. Okay. You are all too pretty. and the second to last picture looks like it belongs in McDonalds or some sort of commercial. Just saying.


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