really old | chapter 1

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High school sophomore looks really pathetic. It looks even worse on a job application.

After head bang #125 - I excused myself to a miserable existence (your life looks really skimpy when it's put in four paragraphs).

On the other hand: I averaged 90 wpm.

Past work experience? Uh, babysitter 24/7 and I work at a farmer's market where I often can't give people the correct amount of change.

I feel super old. I sat trembling, holding my application and staring at the black boxes that surrounded my rather blunt answers. N/A - for most of them. (Do I have a car? Nope. Car insurance? Nope. Felony? Please - I'm fifteen and I hardly ever walk further than my driveway).

By now, you're wondering what job I applied for that sparked these hours of drama.

I'll tell you - if you promise not to laugh, snort, or faint from the hilariousness of it all.

Library Page.

And, nope, I don't know the Dewey system either. Or how to work a DVD cleaning machine.


  1. Bethany. You'll be an AMAZING librarian...or librarians helper. :)

    Glad you get this awesome opportunity!


  2. Cool!KT applied for a job at the library, too. We never heard back from them. I hope you are much more successful.
    Are you saving up for a car?

  3. Sounds official!

    I just recently got a job too. I'm a Dietary Aide at a local nursing home. I mop floors, wash dishes, fix trays, pour drinks, and help feed people.

    I thought the felony thing was hilarious too. And having to "pass my drug test." And being fingerprinted to make sure I wasn't a terrorist. Ah, good times, good times.

  4. To my joy, I discovered an email from a name I did not know. It was titled: Library Page.

    I squealed.

    Politely, they notified me that they completed their screening process and gave the job to someone else.


    Looks like I'll be doing more job applications.

  5. That must be very disappointing.
    :( You would have made a wonderful librarian! :)


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