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I'm a poor girl, except for the jar of money that holds all my mission funds. But I've sworn not to touch that money whatsoever. Anyway, I'm a thrifty girl, and I'll thrift when I can. So you may find this bored board to be a bore if you do not enjoy sewing or screaming while you rip out seams.

{1} Scarf obsession - I love scarves. And I've told myself it's about high time I make at least an infinity scarf. For you see, although I love scarves - I don't own a single one. And since my sister is at college and stealing scarves from her is not an option...

{2} Colorful skirts - repeat what I said about sisters going to college. She left me with every single khaki skirt we owned. Since fabric can be pretty colorful, and since skirt patterns have been invented - I might pull off something sometime in the next ten years...

{3} Scrappy Jean skirts - I've got this partly checked off. Right now I have about 1/4 of a 1/4 yd of scrap jean fabric that I'm sewing up.

{4} Sweaters - I don't know, but I just thought it looked cool. Repeat x 10 about sisters going to college. I don't have any sweaters except the ones that are called sweatshirts.

{5} Tiered skirts - easy to make, fun to do (sometimes) and easy to make. I repeated it twice, because I'm trying to convince myself to sew something.

{6}Farm dresses - because if you make one, you can wear one. And if you wear one, you can almost pass off as a farm girl. Which, by the way, I am not.


  1. Wow, that farm dress is ADORABLE.

  2. I LOVE this board. The farm dress... adorable!


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