life at 10:20

Note: no comments about the hair in pictures. The author would also like to caution the reader to take grammar and the following sentences without the slightest sincerity, since it was written by a school drained lunatic who was taking a five minute break.

Life at 10:20 am |||

Consists of reading chemistry write ups written by yours truly and trying to figure out why rounding answers is wrong if they told you to follow the law of significant numbers. Whatever that means.

I dream of playing the piano instead of writing a thesis statement for my five page long research paper which I knew nothing about until this week.

Frankenstein got me lost on the very first page. Why is he going whaling? Maybe it was because I read it at 10:20 pm last night.

Reading health made me so miserable that I decided to walk for an hour. I can't help it after reading the chapter on fitness and nutrition.

I slept in until 7:33 am this morning. Still managed to put up the dishes, make breakfast and give the itching dog a bath. Which, by the way, did not help. We just have doggy footprints all over the hard floors.

Writing all this reminds me I have to do more Chemistry and that I need to do that hour long walk and that I need to hire a translator for my literature reading (Frankenstein).

But I'll leave off with my newest project - ever since I ran across the most amazing site: musescore.org 

I composed my hymn arrangements on a teensy electric piano that has a abnormally small keyboard, making octaves easy to do with my pinky and middle fingers. I forgot that real piano octaves are a little harder to reach - so some of my arrangements have impossibly long arpeggios and what not. Sadly, para mi.


  1. You compose too?!! I love composing, and I already have many hymn arrangements written. The problem for me is, they're not really written out on paper...that's where I get stumped, or maybe just bored. :) I'd MUCH rather play the piano than do school ANY day! But I'm kind of a music geek...:P How long have you played the piano? -Hannah-

  2. @ Hannah - "Forever?" -- just kidding. Ever since I was seven or so I would play by ear - and I took piano lessons for a few years (three?) until they got too expensive. I actually don't really know how long. :)

    Lol, I think part of school should be a mandatory three hours of piano. :) Helps with finger cramps...

  3. Yes. 3 hours of piano SHOULD be mandatory, unfortunately that doesn't often happen. :) Btw, I've played the piano for "forever" too!! I play a LOT by ear, and took piano lessons over the phone for about 2-3 years.Just this summer took lessons with a "real" teacher. Fell in love with theory...(yeah i'm weird)It was the bomb. Did you teach yourself to write music out on paper? Last thing,lol, I just learned how to play the piano upside down. It's sooo fun, and impressive looking, but really it's pretty easy. You should look up William Jospeh playing upside down on youtube, and then go try it. It's so much fun!! okay, I'm done talking now...:) it's just nice to find someone with the same interests as you. :)-Hannah-

  4. Mandatory piano ... let's keep dreaming. :)

    If you're paying, I'll SO be your literature translator. Frankenstein is horrible but I can boast that I understand it. (warning: second smiley face in one comment approaching) :)

  5. @Bethany - Three hours of piano for school would be awesome! :)

    You say that Chemistry is the Horror Novel??? I don't know if I'll like it (my older sister informs me it's dreadful), but I'm trying to make myself think that I will. Going in with a positive attitude will help, right? (Please say yes!)

  6. Whoa, whoa, whoa. There are some MAJOR myths going around here.

    Frankenstein is amazing...once you get past the boring whaling part. I think you'll be yelling at a few female characters once you get into the middle of the book, Bethany. ;)

    Chemistry is actually super fun -- though Dr. Wile isn't consistent with his usage of significant numbers, so forget trying to figure that out. You'll get it wrong no matter what.

    UNLESS......maybe I did it wrong?

    Mom told me of your new composition obsession! *impressed stare* I miss your piano playing.


  7. Uh-oh, I'm going to be a soph next year, and I have to take apologia chem. You're making me even less thrilled than I already am! Incidentally, I'm a new reader, got directed over here by Baileys blog. I love it, and..,, I guess I love it. There's so many reasons!


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