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If you ever wondered what a chicken looks like with it's head cut off - may I invite you to look at my day today. Or yesterday too, for that fact.

I spent five days (and about two weeks thinking) writing my lesson for our girl's bible study, Living Hope. To my horror, nothing was coming into place. I couldn't write things right. Everything was backwards. I didn't know how to end. And it didn't help that I was giving the lesson in two days.

Oh help.

So I turned off the lights at eleven and snuck into bed and despaired. I prayed. I thought. I slept.

And praise God - I've not only finished the lesson, but I'm now excited to give it. Really excited. Everything's ready for the printer and the basement is begging to be turned into a candlelight room full of giggling young ladies.

God's good. And He's greater when I get really frustrated and pathetically scared. I just learned a lesson in patience and complete and absolute trust. Because there really wasn't anything I could do - only to let go and let God.

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  1. I usually get all my inspiration in bed. It's a good place to think.
    You should post the Bible study lesson on your blog.

    P.S. I'm working on getting an email to you.


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