Trust / that God has a plan / Trust / that the worst things make the best of people / Trust / that annoying situations are blessings / Trust / that everything has a purpose and nothing is accidental

It's the hard days that make you start thinking, and it's the stressful days that make you start doing something. Sometimes, I feel like flying off the wall and screaming, and then everything may possibly float back into perfection.

Whether it's trying to heal my brain after an hour of chemistry stimulation, or trying to keep myself from crying over things that hurt me...it's hard to just sit still and trust. I literally had to quit reading my bible because my brain kept wandering and stressing out on a situation that had been bothering me. (Ironically, I'm reading about stress and anxiety in health.)

It's just the trust of sitting on your bed at 11:00 and just telling God everything that goes wrong and begging Him to give you peace. Not just begging. Knowing that He gives peace. And realizing that nothing does go wrong because nothing is accidental. Which makes you have to trust that God is God and your opinion doesn't really matter.

 Trusting. Even while trying to figure out the significant number of the specific heat you just calculated.

It's said simply, but it's like learning how to read with your eyes shut.


  1. <3 This is what I needed to hear!

  2. Why do we worry so much about keeping things together when we never even had control in the first place? This was a great reminder to just hand everything over to God. Even the little things...like tough school problems.Who can't relate to that?


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