hello, my name is bethany, and I'm invincible.

(alternately titled: yes, my name is Bethany, and I am 99.999% random and 100% sleep-deprived)

Theory of Invincibility:

{1} Manage to do two persuasive essays in three days.

{2} Somehow able to function with countless cups of coffee, and four hours of sleep for an entire week.

{3} Cramming political research and packing for first-ever campaigning trips.

{4} I can still put the little sister to bed while telling the newest version of Cinderella at the same time.

{5} If you're invincible, you can fold that most annoying big stack of freshly laundered towels without screaming.

{6} Totally nail chemistry problems - but manage to get a B on the test.

{7} And - grab a five minute nap every thirty seconds.

Yup. I'm definitely invincible.


  1. Oh, gosh....you sound like a college student. Coffee and all. :D


  2. :) Of course you're invincible! Haha Have fun taking naps, packing and campaigning!

    Enjoy this autumn!


  3. Ewww...you're eating a plain bagel?

    I'm glad someone felt invincible, because today I felt anything but that.Somehow school has gotten the better of me again.

  4. @ Bailey - you know, my newest best friend is french vanilla coffee creamer. Delish. :)

    @ Kara - I just had to make sure everyone was aware. *winks*

    @ Bekah - yup. I'm eating a plain whole-wheat bagel. But I normally always eat bagels. My biggest squashing hugs at the news of your tiring school day. I know how you feel...

  5. Hello Bethany~

    I love your blog and really have been enjoying what you have been writing recently.

    Just wondering if you are going to be part of Generation Joshua's Student Action Teams (SATs)???

    I am doing the SATs for the first time later this week-and I'm doing research for it too.

    Thank you again for sharing so much about your life. You are a blessing to me!


  6. @ Alexis - yes, it's with Generation Joshua! My older siblings did it once before, so I guess it's high time I tried it out. :)


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