Living Hope

Every two weeks, a gaggle of giggling girls tramples into our basement living room, and we discuss various things, split up for prayer groups, laugh, and cry.

From the very first lesson, Living Hope became something all the girls looked forward to, and something that I enjoyed planning and getting excited about with the other leaders. More younger girls have begged to come (we sorta bent the "age limit") and I love to see the younger girls talk about God or their opinion on a certain subject.

The lesson this week was about the beauty we receive in Christ, and it slightly touched upon the girl problem of feeling ugly. My sisters and I decked the basement with sheets and Christmas lights - for what reason, I really don't know...

Normally, we have a game as an ice breaker, but this week we had a craft instead - making flower clips. I am showing off my creation in the photo above, and below is Lindsey's (one of the leaders) creation. I really loved how her's turned out!

Enjoying the snacks...we had a problem with burned tongues from scalding hot cocoa. But the tea cups looked nice anyway. We had home made girl scout cookies as the snack (I won't mention who made them or the torture that ensued from such an endeavor). All in all, it was a pretty yummy night.

My sweet sisters performing an illustrative skit in front of a mirror. Despite their best efforts to conceal their giggles, I think the rest of the group's laughter was too contagious! Hannah (right) leads one of the smaller prayer groups, and I was very impressed how she gave some thought beforehand for some creative ways to make the girls comfortable.

So, I wasn't able to get very many photos, but hopefully this was an interesting little peek that may inspire you to start a bible study of your own!


  1. Gaaah, I miss these girls so much! I just love how cute and innocent and young these children of God are....give them hugs and squishes for me!

  2. Aw, how sweet!!!

    I love the new design by the way. ;)


  3. These are good photos!



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