I spent my entire election day calling over five hundred people. Soda and candy is the only thing that can motivate me to start calling people I'll never see in my life and who will 50% of the time swear in my ear. I also learned that people down in Florida are way nicer on the phone than people in Wisconsin, and people in Nevada don't believe in picking up phones. I also learned the pain a telemarketer goes through.

Despite a frustrating election night (which consisted of our entire GenJ team bawling in a fancy restaurant bathroom hallway,) and the depressing Obama victory speech, my five days of election frenzy were worth it. I learned how to be sociable. I'm no longer afraid of phones. I learned how to look on the bright side of life - and be more concerned for the rude driver's safety (using no hands to send us lovely hand signals) as they glanced at our happy sign-waving faces. I even convinced an Obama supporter to vote for Romney - so I now consider myself a good debater.

What we really do while phone banking...no, I'm seriously serious. That's what we do. Even the guys really got into coloring...

I had my first ever roommates. This was my first time going door to door and praying a mean dog wasn't stalking me. The first time going to my now favorite restaurants of Panera and Chipotle.

We were rewarded with epic games of ninja (we never wore coats...even though it was freezing cold) and surprise rallies with all our favorite candidates...but the best reward was sign-waving and the semi-truck honk contests. So worth it. We also had "story time" and "minute-to-win-it" games. Combine that with teens that just finished drinking their fifth bottle of soda (the only drink available) things got pretty rambunctiously wild.

Other than catching up on sleep and avoiding the news (after more than 24 hours of phone-banking watching the news is very depressing) I think I just might be able to remember all the school that I forgot.

Anyway. If you ever get the chance - make sure that you try out the Student Action Teams @ Generation Joshua. They're amazing. You'll be a professional campaigner in no time. ;)


  1. Way to go, Bethany! Disappointing after all your hard work and the election didn't go our way:C Oh well, the way of the world, what should we expect?

    As a "p.s." I know someone who convinced an Obama voter to switch his vote to Romney, too. Now I can say I know two.:P

  2. Generation Joshua - an epic adventure! ;)

    Glad you had a good time!

  3. I'm so glad you got this experience! And I'm also super glad you took pictures. ;) There aren't words to explain all the camaraderie and lessons learned at these types of things....but they change you. Forever.

  4. Sweet! Sounds like a blast! Yes, these stretching experiences are well worth the effort, despite the outcome. I served the whole year last year as the Chairman for our local county of Teenage Republicans (in reality, read GenJ without the official GenJ status. All active members are homeschoolers, and we are every bit as conservative! We aren't linked with any other group, though our name is the same as a national organization. We've had people leave before because we're 'too conservative') Always enjoy your posts, Bethany. Keep up the patriotism! God is still on His throne!

  5. In addition to these happy memories is the reality that there IS a powerful force for good that loves country and God and is willing to be a part (however small it may seem at the time)in demonstrating their willingness to fight for what is right and to try to make a difference. We need more leaders and patriots like this. Way to go Generation Joshua and all you others who are in the battle!


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