november 20 --- facts of life

To give myself credit, I'm still sane. Although - lesson learned - it's always a good idea not to sit at the computer all day figuring out science, math, and bible study songs and then try to walk two feet to the piano. I realized that you will collapse from such sudden movement if you haven't ate breakfast or lunch and it's already in the middle of the afternoon. Oops. I photographed the memory:
And I also must inform you dear endearing readers that my brother is officially driving...because that will somehow...change your life. Or  you can just call it the daily gossip - since you've all been on your toes from wonder if my brother was driving. And yes - proof! (we're so proud of him - he can correctly drive our technically fifteen passenger van)
My overall mood today is smug excitement. You know, rubbing it in that my sister is coming home in about four hours. To add to my smug excitement, I'm been crazily drinking (and craving) coffee all day, and I feel nerdily intelligent for completing my science test. And I'll be honest and share my overall smug appearance:
To top off my November day -- I'm reading through the New Testament - and really enjoying it...when I have time to write something serious, I'll compile a nice little post from my falling-apart-rose-colored-devotional-journal-thing.
Until then - I've got to scrub our basement for my sweet gaggle of bible-study gals -- TTYL


  1. I loved reading this post. :) Have lots of fun with Bailey!

    Wow. Christian is driving the van!? He's brave. :) Congrats, Christian!

    --coffee is always a go-to when extremely tired. And it seems to add to creativity. ;) jk

  2. :) I love posts like these! how exciting {about your sister}
    well, have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Yeah- day in the life posts are always fun! Have a great time with your sister home!

  4. What a fun post ... you remind me of myself sometimes. :)

    1. Bailey's coming home - awesome!! Y'all have tons of fun.

    2. Your brother's driving, wow. I just got my permit but haven't graduated to the passenger van yet. Really cool. :)


  5. Whatever that was that you were eating looks really good.

    And Christian driving? Should I warn everyone to stay clear of the roads? Just kidding:D

    You have an awsome day, Bethany!

    P.S. Love the expression!


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