The world's supposed to end December something-or-other. Or at least some ancient calender writer got bored of writing a calender 1,000 years in advance.

But whether or not the world ends then - I think it's a pretty good rule to live each day as your last. Most people think of a "limited life" as filling it with crazy and amazing experiences. Although I don't hold to such a view (I do hold life higher than experiences...), to sum up this week - it's been full of new experiences.

{1} I've had the most amazing pleasure to help out a friend who runs a small dance studio (Inspire Dance Ministries). Last night, I dropped off some finished flower clips (which I'm commissioned to make) and part of the costumes while the girls were practicing their songs for the upcoming recital. My appearance was squashed by about ten hugs "hello" and ten hugs "good-bye". I love those girls. :)

 Yes, I'm a classy sewer, keeping the needle in my mouth.

{2} I watched Love Comes Softly. To be honest, I didn't finish it, nor was I paying close attention because I was sewing flowers and chewing gum. I'm not a romance person, and from a fit of laughter, I swallowed my gum. That's my opinion of the movie. Sorry, those who adore it!

{3} I saw the Nutcracker during a snowstorm. My adopted family surprised me after church by letting me come along. . .it was the best way to spend your time during a snowstorm - even if I ripped my coat pocket in the meantime. It's just hard to run on concrete covered in slush, if you happen to be wearing ballet flats. My poor 'sister' happened to wear high heels. We had a "skidding" dash to the theater.

{4} I ran through Wal Mart to get hot dog buns. With the same adopted family on the most epic shopping trip. Way more exciting than our monotonous excursions to the so-said store.

{5} It snowed. 6 inches. Bliss.

{6} Living Hope. What I thought would be a stressful study for the evening turned out an amazing way to end the year. We inhaled a tray of brownies, tackled the world's problems, and still managed to sit nicely and discuss things quietly.

My ancient "scripture memory" now turned devotional notebook. I always laugh at my ignorance between the difference between "scripture" and "verse". :)

{7} Just thoughtful lately.

{8} Daniel's ear is recovering, and every night Mom puts on scar gel. He said goodnight to me, and I gave him a kiss on the cheek (or meant to) and instead I got his ear full of medicine.

{9} And lastly, I've had the horrible tendency to start playing the church piano, only to realize my foot is on the wrong pedal (for those who don't play piano: the middle piano pedal happens to be the "damper" pedal - and the beautiful song you were just about to play will sound choppy. It's #1 no, no. :)


  1. Sounds like you've been busy!

  2. I love your joy. But do you not know how long it will take your stomach to digest that gum, if ever?

  3. @ Mama - well. On the bright side of life - at least I didn't get it stuck in my hair. I remember all those wonderful bonding times we had as you smeared peanut butter in my hair... ;)

  4. Ahh, foot on the wrong pedal! I'm petrified I'll do that at every recital.

    Love your post, btw. The cool thing about world's-end predictions is that there's only one day you KNOW it's not going to end - the day someone predicts. No one's going to know. Interesting, isn't it?


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