I'd define her as: girly -- extremely fond of anything that smells good, looks good, resembles fuzzy socks or chocolate. She has a whole bathroom wall devoted to hair clips.
She can be headstrong. But she still lets me pester her into a photoshoot.
She inherited the beautiful family smile that was denied to me. And the gorgeous hair.
I'm trying to convince her, that if you hold a Nikon D3000 - you're going to make up weird poses and stand in odd positions
She resembles Susan from Narnia - and we won't let her forget it
Snow. Love.
Except that it freezes your hands
Moi....throwing snow..
She can be sophisticated and shy - but she's as hyper as any of us

She can glare.

Pretty eyes...

Letting Hannah wing-it with the Nikon...

Yup. I love this girl.


  1. She's so pretty! I love this whole shoot. Why? Oh, snow just makes me happy. :)

    God bless,

  2. these are beautiful pictures, Bethany!! :) she really does look like Susan from "Narnia"... wow. :)

    love and blessings,


  3. I see you've taken to the Nikon nicely! ;)

  4. Love her eyes! And now that you mention it, she does remind me of Susan.
    Also, I have never known Hannah to be shy. She always seems out-going.

  5. Yup. Good lookin' girls run in the family, I always say.

  6. I love both these girls. Beautiful. Smart. Talented. Fun!

  7. @ Bree -- I love our snow. :)

    @ Mikailah - thanks! I will show this to Hannah and prove that everyone else agrees of her resemblance to Susan. :)

    @ Kara - yup. It's amazing. However, I've succeeded in almost losing the lens cap waaaaay to many times!!

    @ Bekah - maybe because we're always so crazy around you guys? But she can be quite introverted with normal people...*winks*

  8. wait... you have a Nikon??
    beautiful pics, girl, you're awesome ♥

  9. @ Marieanne -- *hugs* Yup...as of Christmas Eve...our Kodak finally died, and my daddy decided to get something a little more substantial. :)

  10. Wow gorgeous pics ! I'd love to be able to take as beautiful photos as you !
    Have a blessed day,

  11. Is it just me, or does Hannah look a bit like Katniss Everdeen in some of these photos ? lol. Beautiful pictures...I love them !

    Love you girls...


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