a day for alway{s}

// V I A \\
i get over-contagiously-happily excited when I realize that life has a purpose.

a purposeful purpose.

// my life isn't exactly glamorous, or always exciting - in fact - most of my life is just the boring monotonous of day to day stuff \\

but it's exciting that even in that boring monotonous day-to-day stuff: it can be molded into a beautiful life, and a purposeful one.

i could write a super Bethany's thoughtful post -

>> but right now, I'm just happy that God gave me today and that I have a chance to live <<


  1. In the book I'm reading right now , the main character found himself face-to-face with death, and it was in that moment that he realized how beautiful life really was. He realized how much he took ordinary, every day things for granted.The hard things in life suddenly seemed inviting and beautiful.

    I've often wondered how much more meaningful life would be if we treated every second as if it were our last.

    A lot was said in this short post!


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