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She turns fifteen. Strange, really - she seems older. We live about thirty minutes away and see each other only at church and if we manage to pull a good excuse. We keep in touch with dramatic and deep emails, crazy texts, and occasionally a heart to heart skype conversation. Ever since Bailey left, Sarah became my go-to when I needed an "older" sister to talk to. There's no one I know better who can make you laugh or poke you until you die, or give you a good slap in the face when you're being ridiculous. We've done crazy things. Like a farmer's market in the rain, three-wheeler rides (never again!), horse-back riding and trampoline gymnastics. She dances (swing, tap, ballet - name it), sings, bangs just as hard as I do on the piano, can play volleyball like anything (her serves hurt, too!), and she's going to be an interior designer or wedding planner or something like that..or at least she should be...

Dearest Sarah - I enjoyed staying up until 1 a.m. editing this video for your special day. Between burning a hole in the sheet from the electric "background" lamp, the cat playing the ukulele with his teeth (no kidding!), and dumping glitter all over the floor...it was great!!

Wish Sarah a happy 15th, won't you?


  1. Happy Birthday to Sarah :) I hope it is a lovely one!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sarah! So glad you are friends with my Bethany. May the LORD bless you on your special day and always!

    Bethany, what a beautiful, original song! And video. You are an interesting combination of creativity, genius, wit, and silliness. :)

    By the way, are those my glasses? Hmmm...

    Mom/Mrs. B.

  3. Bethany,

    This was so sweet ! It was an amazing start to my birthday...you're in trouble though, because you almost made me cry :)

    You are the BEST gift that I could ever have. I LOVE YOU ! (I wish i had a big dry erase board to write it on... :))

  4. @ Mama - ...I...er...needed some glasses for the geekiness of it all. No offense - I really do love them!!

    @ Sarah - *big hugs* Just wait to see what I have planned for the end of your birthday...*evil grin*

  5. Happy Birthday, Sarah!
    *birthday hugs*

  6. Happy 15th birtday, Sarah!

    God bless!

  7. Hey~ Happy birthday Sarah! And great job on the song and video! Today was one of my friend's 18th.... so crazy, we've been friends for 15 years now!

  8. You are the most amazingly creative person ever! Write more songs! And more! And more!

    And Happy Birthday, Sarah!

  9. happy belate birthday sarah love you


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