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If you don't know that God loves you as an individual. I want you to S T O P and find Him.

If you don't know that God loves you personally and intimately and unconditionally - stop fighting.

If you feel that God's love is true for some but a fake reality for you - you are believing a lie.

If you know God's love, but live to love something else - you're living wrong.

Because it's not worth to live and to breath each shaky, human breath, unless the Savior is supporting your aching heart. Each heartbeat torn by the pain of not trusting, not knowing that love only bleeds harder with each beat. I reread the old testament - trying to prove to myself that God somehow wasn't as loving as He said, and I found that I was wrong. I met a girl who sent me a thousand-something-word email of God's love and how to accept that despite of our blaring mistakes. I have found that I am complete when I love Him - and when I mess up, I want to run back to loving Him, because I know His arms are always open. I know I'm not perfect - but His love is - it's its enough...it is enough.


  1. This reeeaallyy hit home. The fact that God loves me the way He does despite my faults in incredible. I need to stop explaining to God how messed up I am because He KNOWS. He. Knows. Yet He still loves.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Anne Marie

  2. Well said, Bethany.

    p.s.love the new design.

  3. Beautiful, amazing truth! To love God sometimes so hard and yet I feel like I'm dying when I look for something else to love.


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