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My favorite gaggle of girls piled into our cozy living room downstairs. Being the competent co-bible study leader that I am, I promptly planned a game for ten to eleven girls...not fourteen. However, my excited meter exploded as the supposed-to-be-small bible study turned into a crammed living room experience! I even had to sit on the floor!!

I love, love, love, love, love Living Hope. I love writing down the lessons (which, frankly, I think I learn more out of it than the attentive listeners) and picking our outrageous skits and object lessons that I know will make eruptions of laughter (we do a lot of that!). My sawesome-co-leader-almost-sister Sarah led the lesson and outdid herself with diagrams, a crazy science experiment, and an in-depth lesson on the dangers of GOSSIP.

Overall - Living Hope was an amazing time. The girls were open and we had a good discussion going, there were lots of laughs - and to top it off we went waaay overtime -- because the prayer list got so long! I couldn't be happier! 

... The envelopes for You've Got Talent. Each envelope contained a challenge the girl had to perform. 

I was told never to have games at a Bible Study (...don't remember exactly why...) but I found that having an ice-breaker really helps to cover up the awkwardness of everyone plunging into deep thoughts and stuff like that...

And since we're always laughing, we really do fulfill making a joyful noise to the Lord. :)

We made twenty-two notebooks when Living Hope was just an idea - and now we're only down to two!

The judges of You've Got Talent were pretty unfair...however, they immensely enjoyed the thirty-second spontaneous poem about cheese-burgers. But the winner passed up everyone with an amazing act of juggling two balls an a balloon while singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star!

Everyone enjoying "Battle Hymn of the Republic" in a screeching opera style...performed by my sister who looks snazzy in her new glasses...


Basically, Sarah covered the grounds of different kinds of gossip:

1. E x a g g e r a t e d Gossip
2. Rumors
3. And Bragging
(Yes, I was the bragging karate-champion during the skit...)

"D E A T H  &  L I F E are in the power of the T O N G U E." Prov. 18:21

And Amy Carmichael's three questions to ask yourself:

1. Is it T R U E?
2. Is it K I N D?
3. Is it N E C E S S A R Y

God has been so good during each lesson. . .I was stressing out over snacks, when I discovered a long-lost text from one of the girls offering to bring snacks for that night ((thank you, you know who, if you're reading this))! It's so amazing and awesome that all of us girls can get together and focus on God - share a thing or two...and just learn so much...God is so good.


  1. After the spiritual struggles and reeeaaally deep conversations at school, it was beyond refreshing to come back to Living Hope and find joy, peace, childlike faith and prayers about everything from dogs to basements.

    This simplicity -- this joy -- that's worth far more than all the philosophical stuff.

  2. I am so curious to know if you are using a curriculum or if you have been creating your own?

    Lately, I have been wanting to begin something with the young girls in my area but I'm not sure where to start...would you mind sharing a few of your tips?

    It looks like so much fun!

  3. This is so cool and our God likes to work in creative ways, that are always so different than ours. And did I mention how much I want to come to your Bible study?

  4. @ Frannie - It's actually just whatever pops into our brains...normally something God has been teaching me recently. I also love to grab ideas from Bright Lights lessons (some ideas at this blog: http://brightlightsofallon.blogspot.com/).

    My biggest "inspiration" portfolio (for skits and object lessons) would be pinterest.

    Sarah and I also try to get feed-back from the girls and ask around for lesson ideas as well.

    Some of the past lessons we've done were:

    True Beauty
    Trusting in the Lord
    God's Love
    The Gospel

    And a few others I can't recall at this moment...

    I don't really have any "tips" or anything...it's really badly unorganized. . .but the biggest thing is PRAYER! Because it can get stressful and crazy, but God is the one who does all the work.

    So my advice? Pray, pray, pray and lean on God for strength, ideas, attentive listeners, and everything else!

    -- Bethany

  5. i enjoy living hope it was so fun

  6. oh i on bethany blog thats cool

  7. Thanks for writing back!

    I definately agree prayer will be most important...I guess we'll see where He leads!


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