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I should have been expecting something terrible - the snow was pouring in a miserable drizzle and by the time I got out of the car, everything was a nasty slushy mush. You hafta love Wisconsin March. Otherwise, you'd go insane or suffer from severe cabin fever complete with hacking case of pneumonia.

Never mind. I don't know what's up with Shopko - but their eye clinics are ten million times more amazing than the real eye clinics. I mean, you get to play that peripheral vision video game, and look at the little red house get blurrier and blurrier. But it's still awkward putting your chin on that plastic thing with another plastic thing squashing your forehead. And those air puffs? I thought my eyes flew to the back of my head and back - not to mention I jumped each time. Good reflexes? heh, heh -- actually, I'm scared out of my whits. By the time you're almost insane from the eye puff thing - the real eye doctor calls you back.

It's a dark room, with creepy eye molds and a strange chair that is uncomfortably too similar to the dentist chair of torture. I began to wonder if I would have to go back to the eye doctor because my eyes had been ruined from that puffy thing. But at any rate, my eyes were sore enough already - and those "look at the back of the wall while I blind you with this light" certainly made things worse.

Me: I have good vision - just headaches.

please, please, please, please, please...I have good vision...

Haha. No avail.

Guess who's getting reading glasses?


  1. lol:) You write things in such an entertaining way, Bethany!

    I'm sure you handled it better than you thought. (I flinch when they squirt the puffs of air into my eyes, too. :D)

    I think glasses would look nice on you, dearie. What kind of frames did you pick?

  2. Ack. Like I said, the eye doctor (and office) are creepy. :) (I'm not the only one who jumps when the the puff of air hits my eye!?) You'll look very smart with reading glasses - do send me a picture!


  3. Ha,ha! You're funny!
    Are you gonna get glasses like the girl in that picture has?;)

  4. @ Bekah -- yup...totally getting round frames. :) :) :) I tried on a few cat-eye rims just for fun...

    @ all - to be perfectly honest...it's been about a week - and I don't really remember what they look like. I guess I'll find out when they finally come in!


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