really old // part 2

March 4  - - day of applesauce awesomesauce. Mailed and sealed my first ever camp counselor application. Annnnnd also found out that the brad sticking out of the envelope costs extra.

March 3 - - first ever exhilarating snowmobile ride. True Wisconsinites are so much fun and completely country-outback northern cowboys/girls. Since I'm a nobody (cross between German-Scottish-Texan farmer something-and military brat) these strange people are quite interesting.

April 1 - - marks the beginning of Driver's Ed. Crazy.

April 25 - - marks the age I've always wanted to be - but now it doesn't seem so amazing

Tomorrow - - yup. My fourth week "working" as a piano accompanist. Which is actually hilarious, since I haven't taken lessons for four years.

*insert sigh of extreme despair at the growing awareness of growing up* :)

happy tuesday!



  1. These upcoming days hold lots of exciting, new adventures for you! :) So excited for you!!!

    (I'll have to stay out of Shawano during April...hmm) Good luck with driving - I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job!

    Happy Early Birthday...I have something extra *mwahahaha* special in mind, this year!


  2. oh no your going to be driveing i better stay off the roads

  3. You know you're a true Wisconsinite if your mom has to yell at you becuase you're outside barefoot when there is still snow on the ground.:)

    Camp counselor? No way! For what camp?


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