wisconsin spring

* Walking in frozen snow to jump on the trampoline

* Getting our fifteen-passenger van stuck on our impossibly long driveway in a ridiculously big snow-drift (the snow-drift was the driveway).

* To add to that: going over fifty miles per hour in a car without moving anywhere. :) Despite all our best efforts, some kindly neighbor responded to our pathetic attempts and pulled us out with his four-wheel drive truck.

* Deleting schoolwork before it's printed off. Although -- to my relief -- it was all imaginative. I didn't delete it after all.

* Snowmobiling. Yes - I was labeled as a crazy driver - but it was too much to resist the constant screams from my passenger.

// happy wisconsin spring!

P.s Why am I so happy, you ask? My Bailey's coming home. My Bailey's coming home. Hi-ho the dairy-o, my Bailey's coming home!


  1. Our spring is kinda like yours...cloudy and rainy/snowy. But spring WILL come. Your shoes are too cool and YAY FOR BAILEY!

  2. oh yea she coming home i miss her and you

  3. Your winter sounds a lot like my Maine winter. Big vans getting stuck in driveways? Um, yes. More than once.


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