now i want a coyote for my birthday

Dear Reader,

I want a coyote for my birthday (scroll down for more info). I am also apologizing and smacking blogger with a hammer for shuffling all my carefully uploaded photos in random order. So sorry.

The eldest ladies of the family. Minus me, of course.
Talking about future jobs while walking to the nature center...
This. Is. My. Coyote. Who likes to eat bread.
He's everything a coyote should be. He's handsome.
..oh..hello random picture of a deer
He's fluffy. 
Hello again deer.
Deer are celebrities around here, apparently. 
And adorable Caroline - but we weren't talking about her...
BAILEY!! -- we weren't talking about her either...
Pussy Willows. The cutest plant in the entire universe. Yes, I've named them before.
Aha!! Here he is. My coyote.
I seriously want a coyote for my birthday.
For now, I have a Caroline to suffice. 
And a Bailey. No, she does not drive the Charger. 
And a Sarah. 

-- but I still have a coyote for my birthday


  1. Can I have one, too !!!??? He was the cutest thing ! And coyotes don't eat people :) lol. But seriously, that coyote was adorbs...

    Lovely pictures !

  2. Sweet post! :) I love all the pictures you've been posting!

    *big hugs*

  3. good luck with your coyote! hahah.


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