really old || part 3

"So, you're interested in nursing?"

Let me give you a picture of how awkward this was. First of all, my future after high school plans had only been casually mentioned to several people of my choice - I wasn't expecting my college tour guide to know. Second of all, coming from right after I told him I was a sophomore (he was impressed I was visiting colleges) it all sounded lame...hopelessly lame.

Lucky ducky for me, this college tour guide was probably the nicest person I've ever run into at a college campus. Anyway. He began to describe the nursing degree course in detail and it was my job to nod and look smart. And believe me, sometimes that's really hard. Like when you have no idea what the other person is talking about.

What I did hear was cadavers.
You'd think I know what those are if I was interested in nursing - and since both my parents and grandparents were in the medical field.

But since I couldn't remember (it sounded so familiar!) I wasn't about to look stupid and ask. It's okay though, he told me anyway. And that was his favorite topic when it came to nursing (he assured me that they didn't show them to visitors). Combine nerves + embarrassment + sleepiness + lack of sleep and the said topic, and I was about to lose all the breakfast I never ate that morning. Luckily, he changed topics and began to talk to the architecture student-wanna-be.

Did I mention he assured me? In we walk into a creepy empty room with *coughs* kidneys in glass jars and lovely stuff like that. And he tells me, "okay - we're going by the cadaver lab". Heart. Stops. Right. There. Plus the fact that my fellow college tourists abandoned me and my tour guide at that point, because apparently they all thought the same thing I was thinking.

I didn't really think we were going into the lab (he assured me!!) - even though that's what it seemed like. I was having fifth thoughts about the matter as we went through three locked doors...and inside the last door WAS------------------!!

.. an innocent college class in session. RELIEF!


April is officially the month of craziness. In fact, 2013 is my year to do crazy stuff I'd never thought I'd actually follow through with::

{1} It's April 12th and it's snowing bezonkers outside (there's about two inches right now - or more!)

{2} I toured a technical college for the first time

{3} Started driver's ed - which is super fun. Driving is still impossibly scary. Today marks the end of the second week of driver's ed.

{4} Began an application for CNA training (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (certified nursing assistant, if you don't know) That took forever. I get my first ever "college" mail account. And if that doesn't make you feel really old, nothing will.

{5} Cashed in my first ever paycheck.

{6} A paid piano accompanist for about eight songs - five for a violin ensemble

{7} Got something similar to braces (I'll spare you the story)

{8} And...to add to my drama - this afternoon I'm scheduled for all those fun immunizations and tests in order to get your CNA license - fun anyone?

{9} And randomly - I got a pinterest account. Just in case you can't get enough of me. :)

{10} Turning sixteen in  thirteen days.

//happy winter spring. Send some warmth up here please!


  1. I want to live your life. Because how many people get to see REAL DEAD KIDNEYS in a cadaver lab?

    Answer: Not many.

    Plus you're just awesome. I'm so excited for all your pursuits and dreams. :) :) :)

  2. Waait a second... is your birthday on the 25? Because so is mine, and I'm also turning 16, and my parents are also in the medical profession, as well as my oldest sister. Creepy much? :P

  3. Isn't growing up a funny thing? it happens all at once and it's so overwhelming how much is going on. sometimes I'm not sure if I like it. but hey, I don't have much of a choice, so I might as well enjoy it. ;)

  4. @ Bailey - hey, how many people get to eat frozen marshmallows from nitrogen? Wait...I think I got that wrong...

    @ Annie - What? No way!! That's so crazy. Your dad didn't happen to be in the military as well? :) I'll think of you on my birthday - since we both know that it's the best birthday of the year. :)

    @ Kendra - growing up is amazing. Except it makes me feel like a little kid...in a weird way.

  5. wow your diveing oh mine i better stay off the road

  6. :) I had no idea you were preparing to be a CNA! I'm so excited for you!!!

    Your life sounds extremely exciting right now, if I do say so myself!



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