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Remember this adorable guy? Today, was the last time I washed his grimy food dishes. I hunted down the almost-always-in-the-way stuffed duck and toy rope. And my strong twin brother toted the leftover dog food by the door. I already had a bawling session the week previous - but my eyes were still tearful. Sometimes life is crazy. Seven years of our adorable-annoying dog - the good, the bad and the ugly. It's like losing a part of the family. in. a. weird. way. And it's not like "losing" him, since he moved in with the neighbors only ten minutes away. But still. I'm going to miss vacuuming up dog fur and washing him after he takes in a dip in the swamp.

On the other hand - after a long wait, awkward photo moment, and a frustrating five seconds of trying to sign  an electronic signature, I walked out of our local DMV with my driving permit. How amazing is that? Except for misinterpreting four-way stops, pressing the ACCELERATOR instead of the brake, and putting the car in the wrong gear, I'm a pretty good driver. For a first-timer I mean. Now, ask my faithful parent sitting beside me or the annoyed tailgater behind me - hmm..not sure what they'd say. My little sister lost her laffy taffy she was chewing when I made a crazy left-hand turn whie the accelerator was "stuck" (until I got it unstuck, of course, but you know what THAT means...)

To add to my craziness - I'm now a stage hand at our home school play. Don't I feel important. :)


  1. *Tears* I would literally go into a depression if we had to get rid of or dog:)

    Congrats on your license! I'll get mine eventually;)

  2. *Hug* It's no fun when you sorta-lose a pet. :( No fun at all.

    Congratulations on earning your permit...learning to drive is definitely interesting. lol:)

    It's crazy how all of us are growing up.

  3. aw, poor Badger. I'm sure you all will miss him but at least he's not gone forever!

    and you're probably a better driver than I am, if that helps. ;)

  4. Aw I'm sorry you miss your dog! I miss mine too:')


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