blind spots

In John - there's this man blind from birth. And the disciples question Jesus as to why this guy was blind, assuming some great sin or misfortune was the curse of his blindness. Because obviously, there was no merit to such a deformity.

Jesus gave a completely different answer. Something around the strange line of: his deformity was so the works of God could be displayed through him. (p.s. it's in John 9)

Beautiful - huh? This blind man actually became quite the evangelist. In fact, he was so radically changed when he was healed that he was "put out" of the synagogue for his so-called radical insanity. All because he believed the One who healed his blindness.

It's easy to see big things - like blindness or paralysis - that God can use. And I throw up my hands and look at all my small flaws and cringe, hiding them so no one sees. I look at my "flaws" and think, great - how can God ever use me for anything? Why am I like this?

Yet, all of us - called to the beautiful purpose of Christ - don't have to be beautiful, talented or healthy. It's not us that makes the difference. It's all Christ. It's Christ that turns blindness, death, pain and suffering into something beautiful and something life-changing.


  1. We talked about this is in youthgroup yesterday. how God used fisherman and tax collecters, and how God uses anybody to bring glory to Himself. even little ol' me. ;)

  2. This is beautiful! Its funny because I've been pondering this verse a lot lately! =)


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