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What is the hope of Christ?

Get a grip Bethany! I scolded myself, sitting cross-legged on the trampoline. I know what the hope of Christ is. Or did I? Did I? My head swam and I closed my eyes trying to block out everything but the hope of Christ.

  The Hope of Christ. I grew up with the hope of Christ. Every Sunday, someone told me about Jesus Christ. Every morning, my mother reads a devotion on the hope of Christ.

But Bethany - what is the hope of Christ? What is Christ in YOU? How did He change you - or are you still that little girl who always knew the hope of Christ?

It's so frustrating. I have access to basically everything in the gospel. I was told the gospel every. single. living. day. Yet as I sat on the trampoline it all seemed like a mystery that I had yet to learn. Wait a minute - I thought I knew all this!

Dear Lord -- tell me -- convict me -- what is that exceptional hope of Christ? Show me what I still do not grasp!

The wind blew then, and all my note pages, my open bible and my skirt went flying in different directions. I slammed my notebook shut, which I had written inside What is the hope of Christ? and picked up my duct-tapped bible and focused on reading.

I came across an inconspicuous chapter in Jeremiah I never recalled reading. About Israel's promised Messiah. Something about that promised branch of David caught my eye:
[and He] will reign as king and act wisely
Of course! I realized that Israel had a reputation for having anything but wise kings. Here was a promised King who would not only act perfectly wise, but also was righteous. The hope of the Messiah for them was the perfect king to rule for a group of stubborn people. All their kings were hopeless flops - the people were hopeless - but here was HOPE. Someone who could be everything they weren't.

I didn't mean to turn to Ecclesiastes  but I did. And I remembered why it was one of my favorite books of the bible. I accidently found another reason my hope was in Christ:
It is the same for all. there is one fate for the righteous and for the wicked...as the good man is, so is the sinner.
Ouch, good girl. That shut me up for any bemoanings and wonder I had for the hope of Christ. It's incredible. Of course I knew that I'm a sinner. But this morning I remembered even more. If it weren't for Christ - I wouldn't even hope to know the hope of Christ.


  1. Good girls tend to be the whiners and fearers. (Exhibit A...) Thank you for this reminder!

  2. Oh, but don't we all need to be reminded of how hopeless we are without the hope of Christ.


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