Josephus & Peggy | Photo Shoot

I can't tell you how excited I am to share my first real clients with y'all! Josephus and Peggy have a special place on my heart. I had so much fun posing and toting them around while I searched for a good spot from the harsh sun. They're a photographer's dream, y'all. Perfectly still, glamorous smiles, all the charm, and good looking too. But I digress...
 Here she is! Planted early May, complete with her own handcrafted-recycled pineapple can and a handmade trellis from chopsticks!

 She's a good sport for all this Wisconsin weather, and I hope she enjoys the window sill just as much as a huge garden plot. But isn't she just gorgeous? 

 This is Josephus, the cutest, prickliest cactus that ever existed. Being super practical, the only thing he asks for is a whole lotta love and tender care, because behind those prickles is a heart of gold. I do dote on him.

 Oh yes, he has his own personalized pot, too. I think it gives him confidence, compared to other poor potted creatures who suffer from plain plastic pots with no sparkle.

 My handsome little cactus.

Alright - I'm not bonkers, I promise. Once my dearest, darlingest, sweetest doggy ever had to leave the premises, I began to search for my new fur less pets. Since the whole coyote thing didn't work out, and neither did plan B (the rats) I've found the peas and cacti do just fine. And pots are really fun to decorate //

(P.s. You really didn't think this was a photo shoot, riiiigghtt? After all, what's the odd of a couple with the names Peggy and Josephus?)


  1. Though the names were a bit strange...I still thought this would be a photoshoot. ha.

  2. Oh my goodness, you're hilarious, Bethany! Though I have to admit...they ARE a pretty cute couple:]


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