Living Hope | Testimony Tuesday

Yesterday was the last Living Hope for the spring semester. I was so surprised by the new faces that showed up, and the overabundance of giggling girls! Testimony Tuesday is becoming a tradition for our little group, making it a time for girls to share what's on their heart rather than an actual lesson.

As the girls arrived, we made name posters which all the girls signed. There was a lot of artistic talent!

The day was beeeyoootiful and we were able to have a grueling water balloon toss (although Sarah, my sis, and I had more fun filling ((or lack thereof)) up the water balloons...right?)

Ever tried playing twister with eight people? It's a pretty quick game. Thankfully, no one broke an arm or a leg in the process!

Some of my favorite people! (my beautiful sis on the right)

Um. Me? Someone stole my camera. But the point of me actually posting this picture is to prove that pinterest is useful - my bracelet was made via this pin.  Just a little side note for y'all.

Sarah and I were matching. And we never took our photo - so this will suffice. If God can help us run a bible study - He can help anyone...because we have a tendency to be pretty incompetent. :) But Tuesday went just fine, and Sarah and I had a great "setting up" time.

S'mores. The girl's loved these. And I did too, of course.

The testimony time was held inside our "tent" with enough room for everyone! The blankets were also convenient as it got darker, and chillier. The girls were so sweet, and some of their "testimonies" were uh-mazing, and we all had a good time sharing struggles, thoughts, thanksgivings and prayer. It was literally amazing - and I was so thankful that God is working on these girl's hearts!

An outside view of the tent (which was also a pinterest inspiration) I'm definitely going to miss Living Hope, and hopefully after June we can start it up again!


  1. Wow! This looks like lots of fun! =) I'm hoping to do something like this this summer!

  2. @ Hannah - you really should! It is such a great blessing (I think) more to me than the girls...I've learned a lot through Living Hope. :)

  3. This is perfectly perfect. I remember when you first had this idea...see what God does when you're just willing to do what He says?

    and the pictures were great, too!

  4. sorry i miss living hope
    laura hintz

  5. I am going to miss living hope and you

    laura hintz

  6. Thanks for posting these, Bethany! And I also want to express my heartfelt thanks to you and Sarah R. for leading Living Hope. It has been SUCH a blessing in Emma's life, and I'm so grateful she has a lovely, accepting, God-glorifying place to fellowship with other young ladies who love the Lord. I'm always eager for tuck-in time after an evening of Living Hope. Emma consistently recounts the evening with a huge smile on her face, and/or she tells me of some truth which became more meaningful to her that night. What a great place for her to grow in her faith. I do hope you'll be able to continue after June!

    (Now we just need to get some fellas to start something like this for our boys!)

    ~ Mrs. Green

    P.S. I love the pic of you with your bracelet. Your eyes are so thoughtful.

  7. @ Mrs. G - awww...that's so awesome! I can't tell you how grateful I am for Emma - her sweet encouraging self and all her thoughtful insight. :) The few times she has missed the meetings were very sad. ;)


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