moccasins and spring // happy things

"You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you." // someone once said
Five minutes before I had to leave to work (a.k.a my one-day-a-week piano accompanist) I took pictures and realized that I had been sitting in mud. Literally. My personal chauffeur (a.k.a my twin brother who just got off his probationary license) patiently waited while I made a wardrobe change, took a few minutes cramming piano books, school books, reading glasses and what not in my too-small tote bag. I still made it on time. And I love sitting in the waiting room and chatting with the students, listening the teachers and the nice lady at the front desk joke around. The squeaky violins, the piano duets, occasional trumpets, xylophones and drummers...it's so much fun.

Sometimes, my family laughs at all the small things that make me happy. But I think it's sometimes the smallest things that are the happiest.
  • Moccasins
  • Cold oatmeal (I never eat it hot)
  • Listening to my sister read out loud The Boxcar Children
  • Nancy Drew - my used-to-be favorite books which I want to read for old times sake
  • Falling asleep while "doing" school on the trampoline
  • Getting a good score on my reading test for a CNA application
  • Spending two hours curling hair and laughing when you burn your fingers
  • Someone gave me a rose for working backstage at a play. *heartmelt*
  • Singing hymns on the morning
  • Watching the news late at night with my family and discussing politics at the dinner table
  • Getting a phone call from my sister 
  • Singing "C is for Cookie" but turning it into the new version of "B is for Bethany"
  • Tickling my little sister
  • Getting adorable chalkboard labels
  • Saving a chipmunk from the paws of our cat
  • Doing a science test on the porch while watching the sun set
  • All my brothers playing basketball


  1. Hey, all those things make me happy too! ok, except for cold oatmeal (ewww) and Nancy Drew never was my favorite (sorry).

    (since I like to steal all your ideas)
    things that make me happy:
    1. fans on a hot day
    2. strawberry icebreaker mints
    3. practicing Arabic
    4. planting things in the yard
    5. hearing my siblings play outside
    6. buying my little sister shiny silver shoes
    7. having enough money to buy my sister those shoes.
    8. writing
    9. new glasses

    and I'm sure there's more but that's that for now. off to reply to your email!

  2. @ Kendra -- aww...Nancy Drew is a classic. The old ones at least. :) And you really should try cold oatmeal, it's the best!

    Oh, we totally need to have a conversation in Arabic. Minus the fact that I don't know a single word. How about Arabic/Spanish/English all mixed up together in a crazy mesh? :)

  3. Such a cute posting, Bethany! Thoroughly enjoyed:)




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