pinteresting // if you have to keep your hair up

I finally got my CNA handbook that cost me a good $128 dollars...and it was paperback. Of course, it was the new, required addition that you couldn't find used on Ebay or Amazon, if you wanted to be frugal. Aren't you supposed to be frugal? It's a virtue right? Book publishers aren't very helpful with that. At least it should've be hardback. Because everyone knows that I can't handle a paperback book without ripping the cover off or something. This is true.

ANYWAY. As I was flipping through this book, I realized something terrible.

I had to keep my hair up. 

Of course, you can keep your hair down. But highly doubtful, if it's three inches from your waist and gets stuck in car doors, people's teeth, etc, etc, etc - it can be quite a hassle - and no doubt scare patients into believing their charming CNA is really Medusa in disguise (we all have bad hair days).

I don't mind keeping my hair up. It's handy. But to make matter ten times worse - you have to keep your hair up while wearing scrubs (definition: I realize some of you don't know what these are if you don't have medical personal in your family. They're those medical uniforms with Dora the Explorer that you're local nurse wears) I look terrible in scrubs (they're not really fashionable - and the ones I got didn't even have a pattern!) So combine stick-straight-bun with unfashionable scrubs and you get a very self-conscience appearance indeed.

Yes, I'm dramatizing. But I really did worry about this terrible fact of having to wear the same boring hairstyle every. single. day. Yes, girls do worry about such things. So naturally, I solved the problems like all girls do nowadays. I gathered a large collection of pinterest hairdos to keep in mind. Without further ramble:

Pinteresting // if you have to keep your hair up

The Undone Bun // perhaps you can pull this off with shortish hair - but my "undone buns" turn into a tangled mess. However, if you want that undone look - here's a good tutorial (it also keeps you from pulling your hairline five inches back from tight buns)

Braided Sock Bun // Make a double-whammy by reusing an old sock for the bun and add some braids before you style the ponytail. However, if you have super long hair, it may end up looking more like an atomic sock bomb than a bun.

Teased Side braid // the good news is that when you tease long hair, it becomes shorter and thicker. Although I highly doubt it will look as beautiful as the picture above.

Vintage Pinned Hair // Via The Paper Mama

French Fishtail Chignon // Via Hair Romance

Braidy Bunch // Via The Beauty Department - The down-side of it all - it involves a lot bobby pins. This means you'll have to find at least ten which are randomly scattered around the house, AND you'll have to make sure they stay in so you don't lose you're precious bobby pins.

Braid Bow // Via Hair Romance - if you happen to have the need to pull back side bangs that will 100% of the time be bothering your visual sight.

Curly Do // Via Hair Romance - if you happen to have the beautiful gift of curly hair. Or if you take the time to crimp your straight hair.

In short: yes, I'm random - and I like doing my hair. No, I'm not really concerned about my scrubs/or wearing my hair up - but I had to have some excuse to do a post about hair. :)


  1. ;) You're going to look super cute! :) Love the hair-dos!

  2. And we're totally going to have a hair day when I get back. !!!

  3. Well, I probably won't get around to doing any of these to my hair anytime soon (my hair will forever stay in a huge clip on top of my head, in a messy ponytail, or simply down) but maybe when I go somewhere cooler and have the time I think I'll try that braided bun. it's gorgeous.


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