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The first time I went into my assigned resident's room, I balked. I didn't know the resident, I didn't know where anything was, and I didn't know how to do IT (I had no idea what "it" was, or what kind of "it" I was supposed to be doing).

It amazes me, in my brief glimpse of working at a nursing home, how the smallest things can make someone's day. A hug, or a quick hello in the hallway while looking for the soiled linen cart again (they're past the fire doors guys...past the fire doors....). I realize how little these sweet people have and how little they have to look forward to. They were probably some of the easiest people to serve, because their needs are so obvious and their thankfulness is normally pretty obvious and it's just sototallyamazingandsomuchfuntoloveandseethemsmile...

Can you believe I used to be afraid of older people?


On Friday, my career at the nursing home ends and I start completely in the opposite direction by heading off to camp as a counselor and working with young people. Can I say that I'm thrilled but also scared out of my broken flipflops?

I'm not going to worry or regret or get scared, however (I think). God taught me so much for my first big step out of my comfort zone, and I can't wait to do it again and see what else I can cram into my head. And because I'm now comfortable doing the "dirty" stuff of life as a CNA (well....kinda...) I've figured there's really nothing much worse that can happen! I'm kidding of course, but still. :)

Any tips from you camp counselors out there? Because I have no idea what I'm doing. God is good though. Even though my computer broke, I was able to get my camp stuff off without REWRITING every devotion all over again. 


  1. You have that wonderful gift of being sensitive to others' needs and meeting those needs--no matter who they are, young or old. And that's what people need most--caring... and doing the little, seemingly unimportant things! So have a happy transition from your nursing assistant shoes to your flip-flops--I'm sure you'll do great!

  2. It's the moments like these that make us realize that we never really have control over our own lives...no matter how hard we try. Feeling helpless is what God wants. After that all we can do is trust Him to take us where we need to go.


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