i took a picture of the sky when i was supposed to be doing the laundry

I'm convinced I'm either going insane or getting pressure ulcers from sitting down too long - not to mention glaucoma or cataracts, unless my eyes fall out first. But insanity for sure - I insisted that my mother let me hang up the laundry, after she graciously offered to do it for me. For all you folks who use dryers: hanging up the laundry can be a soothing experience, as one slaps mosquitoes and wrenches clothespins off the line (they do get stuck in impossible ways). Or you endure heat-stroke and sunburn hanging up a full load of endless towels during the summer season; but since Wisconsin doesn't have a summer season, it isn't quite as common.

At any rate, although I treasured the thought of finally doing something other than studying (like hanging up the laundry) I suddenly made a miraculous discovery:

 the sky was pink.

The reaction was totally involuntary - I assure you - probably some acute neurological disorder. I ran inside and snatched our camera 2/3 of the way battery dead and took a lame picture of the pink sky. It was utterly, completely and irrevocably the happiest thing that had happened that day, besides the cherry coke I got (see last post). Note: I also got a Dr. Pepper today (happiness and sadness at my slide in healthiness) and used a vending machine for the first time in my life. Much to the amusement of my classmates and instructor. They laughed so hard.......

yeah.....I'm homeschooled. We're not allowed to have soda OR use vending machines. That's another story)

Aha -- here it is in all it's glory. I assure you, the sky was BEAUTIFUL and the photo does it no justice.
Caroline - you'll see a lot of her. She follows me everywhere when I'm home. I know, because she'll run up with a loud shout of, "BETHANY!" and give me a hug. She is also my personal bath dummy - I've given her about five bed baths so far - and she loves it! Yes, bed baths ARE baths in bed - no, it doesn't get wet - and yes, they are a CNA's worst nightmare come true. They take, literally, FOREVER.
For all you non-turtle-experts - this is a genuine turtle hole. Also genuine photo blurriness at it's best.

Perhaps you have noted a general decline in my sanity as my posts progress - I promise sometime soon when I'm in an intellectual mood and I also have time to think, that I will post something miraculously amazing, as I always do. In the meantime, I have a Dr. Pepper to digest (in that amazing, intricate, way too detailed digestives system) and my LAST nursing assistant quiz -- :) :) :) :)


  1. :) Yay on your last NA quiz! Good luck, and I hope you get a good grade!


  2. Double that yay. :) Our instructor graciously gave us a list of what we need to study (instead of needlessly reading huge long chapters about acute-care...or stuff like that...)


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