This is for Bailey.
  • When you finally get 100% on a quiz after the twentieth try
  • Watching your big sister dance hundreds of miles away in Colorado and screaming, "there's BAILEY!"
  • Watching Sherlock Holmes and commenting, "I don't get it."
  • Forgetting to change my gloves, water, and towels during a bed bath. FAIL.
  • Running away from rabid flies (seriously)

  • Seeing my doggy again for the first time
  • Getting camp counselor info in the mail
  • Apologizing x 10 to my poor daddy after I get another virus on the computer
  • Cherry Coke from the Shell gas station - in scrubs. Homework needs cherry coke
  • Exploding food in the college microwave. The one I don't know how to start
  • Burning a brat over the fire - because I hardly ever go to cook-outs
  • Giving my little sister a "bed bath" (for practice) and she states, "Well that was boring!"
  • Polka dot imprints on my feet from my polka dot socks and too tight shoes
  • Sticking an oral thermometer on someone's tooth rather than under their tongue. Yes, I'm a nursing assistant. :)
  • Watching Sherlock Holmes and eating two big bowl-fulls of "Ranch Veggie Sticks"
  • Cutting apples for my twin brother - because he has to pack a lunch for his bee-keeper job
  • Breaking all the laws of parking a van (I've just given up by now)
  • Drinking coffee. All the time. And spilling it too (this is the fifth time I've spilled it on my already beaten up Bible. Thank goodness it was only on the introduction page.)
Some things are normal. Other things aren't. And other things are the "new" normal. Depending on my ever-changing mood, I like it, or I hate it, or I cry my eyes out over it. Either way, it's life. 


  1. P.s. No joke about the quizzes. This is going to be about the fifth time - and I know for SURE that I'm not going to get a 100. :)

  2. I love this so much. :) It just makes me really... happy.


  3. :) Love this!

    You sound incredibly busy! Hope everything is going well with your CNA classes!


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