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Things I've never done scare me - they hide in the shadows, lurking in unknown corners. The very thought of doing or even thinking of just attempting is in fact - preposterous, not to mention stomach wrenching.

Could life just PLEASE stay normal and can I just stick with what I know? Can my siblings please stop growing up and being the people I dreamed they never would be? (sisters going away to college, brothers having jobs, siblings graduating -- it all used to be so far away) Sometimes I wish life were a TV, and I had the remote, and I could pause (or mute!) what I wish would stop.

Life isn't like that though. It keeps going...it keeps changing...it keeps getting scarier....there's no turning around, there's no stopping, it simply is. It's like an ocean - it can be calm or a raving madness of crashing waves that suffocate.

We need an anchor and a stronghold. Because life is unknown - the future is out of our grasp, we can't control it. We need, need, need, need, need someone to take us by the hand and someone to give the peace of facing the unknown. You can't find that in family or friends - because their future is just as dark. You can't find that in experts, because the "experts" are always inexperienced in something else.

You can only find it with the One who knows everything. Just the knowledge of knowing that He knows is enough - knowing that I don't need to know or worry about those dark, unknown corners. Because He not only knows, but He can do - He can give me the strength and the endurance to face those scary monsters hiding in dark closets. He can give me the peace of right now - and even the peace of someday, somewhere.


  1. AMEN!!! Thanks so much, Bethany! :)

  2. Thank you so, so much for this great reminder!

  3. This is beautiful. And so true, its wonderful to know that its not all about your strength, its about His. And when we come upon that bump in the road, or some how a light gets turned off and its suddenly dark, we have a light and a strong arm to pull is into safe arms.
    What peace that brings. Thanks for this reminder.
    Blessings~ Rachel Hope


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