this one's for kendra

Once upon a time, I stumbled across this weird blog. I think it was called "Kendra's Krazy Krafts" or something like that. Anyways, it was this cute little girl (twelve?!?) blogging from her home in Egypt, who's wardrobe consisted of a cowboy hat and overalls.

I don't even remember how we even started emailing each other. But we did - and sometimes our emails were so lengthy it would take minutes of loading just to open the email!! Kendra inspired me because she was crazy and fun, yet could be so dead serious and excited about Jesus - and I didn't even know her!! (And actually, I still don't - although I've threatened to kidnap her someday)

Anyway, this certain gal has been on my mind, especially since she left for Chad a few days ago. Not only am I burning from jealousness (yes, that's not a word) but I've just been super excited for her!

Kendra blogs from "Magnificent Obsession" and she's half promised to keep blogging while she's in Chad. I would encourage you to stop by her beautiful blog and annoy her with super long comments, and to keep her in your prayers! She's pretty amazing.

 P.s. That is NOT how big Chad is in Africa - okay? Look it up on a map. It's just the artist's cheesy expression of artisticness. You can only do so much with tracing paper, cheap watercolors (the kind that comes on the coloring books) and sharpie markers. Did you notice Madagascar was missing, too?


  1. It's beautiful...I can't even do that with expensive water color.

  2. Ohmygoodness, Flop! I had no idea you posted this...thanks for making me feel special. ;)

  3. and I loovvee your painting.


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