back for twenty-four hours

Three weeks ago, I was sitting in the top bunk of a old camp cabin regretting that I ever decided to go to camp in the first place. Three weeks later, I'm officially a camp-a-holic. I can't get enough of it. So far I've been a CIT (counselor in training), a staff intern for two weeks (a fancy name for volunteering for jack of all trades), and tomorrow marks my first (and only) week of counseling. Totally super excited, right here.

Because I love to bore people, I've compiled a list (I love lists!) of all my whacko experiences from the past month.

The Lair (A.K.A the B.O.S.H -- Back of the Scrub Hut) where me and my fellow staff intern stayed

1) Photographed the craziest ice-cream party, complete with a staff-led Mariachi band
2) Helped the nurse by checking every single campers head for lice. An excellent way to make friends, by the way
3) Drank at least seven full water-bottles a day
4) Baked peanut butter bars in a commercial kitchen while conversing about theology
5) Went dumpster diving for cardboard
6) Lost who-knows-how-many pounds walking back and forth from one end of camp to the other at least fifty times a day

My....devotion notes. I think. They turned into devotion scribbles
7) Lost all ability to sleep in past seven o'clock.
8) Broke a suitcase
9) Set up, took down, moved (dragged) chapel chairs, dining hall tables/chairs, picnic tables, etc, about ten times a day
10) Spray painted a log with my SCRUBS friends (Serving Christ Really Uniquely But Sincerely -- the gals who did dishes and bathrooms) meanwhile spraying my toe black. On accident
11) Bit by horse flies 15 times average a day
12) Spilled water down my sheets a few hours before bed
13) Was a "Space Pirate" who dumped the "fuel" from poor campers space ships
14) Moved more chairs
15) And more chairs
16) and more chairs
17) Did I mention chairs?
18) Got my jeans wet every. single. day.
19) Coiled ropes frequently

I'm not editing this nor checking anything I just wrote in a frenzy - because I have to go pack my bags. Again. :) So. Farewell, farewell. Someday I'll write something when I remember where I put my brain.


  1. :) Camps are always so much fun! --and it sounds like you had a lot of it!


  2. Oh man, this is a list of lovely (and hilarious) memories. I love camp and when the subject comes up I'm instantly transported back to my "younger camping days". So glad you had fun! :)

    Eden Elizabeth

  3. Your devotion notes are so creative and fun . . . if you think yours look like scribbles, you should see mine! Also the binding on my Bible melted (guess it is pretty hot here).

    I really liked reading your list! can you get any more hilarious?

  4. Oh Bethany, I love your list. And I hate that you're not here this week. Those chairs don't move themselves, you know! (Jeffrey & Emmett are doing it.) Seriously, you're such a blessing. Thank you SO MUCH for serving. I miss you.


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