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There's a lot of hurt in life. This past week, I got to see countless kids who walked around in smiling masks, but were literally broken souls just wandering around - pointless. Kids who knew the gospel and knew the truth, but the truth was meaningless. 

Deep down, the bubbliest girl with the cutest smile and the happiest laughter could be the one considering suicide - but who would've guessed? 

So many people just don't know the love of God. They're stuck in an endless cycle of small ups and steep downs. Sometimes they die on the inside, sometimes on the out. And although God is all around them - although they have the answers ingrained in their mind from constant chapel meetings, their heart is cold, unfocused and confused. They give up and numb themselves to the pain.

Some say depression is a mind problem - but it's really a heart problem. I realized that so many people need God. I realized how many girls a few years younger than me have ridiculously miserable lives because they're stuck purposeless cycle of living. I realized how many people crave for someone to love them and to talk with them - yet that someone doesn't exist. 

So many people are bitter against God. All reasoning is virtually impossible. To them, each day is a curse and the biggest blessing would be just to end it all and start over again. 

Christians -- spread God's love. Spread the gospel

People are dying because no one will tell them the truth. People need what this world can't offer.


  1. That's exactly where I was before Christ brought me to himself. Thank you for the encouragement to remember what our great God has done for me, and what he's enabled me to do for others.
    Love =)

  2. *SIGH*

    Exactly...exactly. A heart problem. This world offers nothing. I'm so glad you were here, Bethany.


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