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I've discovered I like logical. Logical makes sense. This is, of course, why I can't stand reading Agatha Christie's novels to cheer me up during a cold because it's perfectly, unnaturally, and hopelessly un-logical. Frustration at it's peak, I assure you.

To be quite blunt and tie all this riff-raffle-mush of sentences into a neat tangle of musings - love is illogical.

Frankly, it's like the people in love are not only on a new planet of wonderfullness, they're aliens altogether. Suddenly, even the most dull of the mind and spirit begin to use unnamed sister's school desks as stations of creativity, all alluding to a specific someone and a jumble of in-love quotes that are quite ridiculous to the one who is NOT in love. Not only do such quotes not belong on my desk, I find them perfectly illogical. Stuff and nonsense about "even though you're not perfect you are" or "love isn't love unless it's madness"

My brain hurts.

Dear younger sisters of sisters who happen to be older than them, a point of advice: when your older sister falls in love, do keep your head on straight and look at the bright side of life.

Actually, siblings in love can be quite entertaining, and you always hold the upper hand because....it's overly complicated to those who don't have older siblings in love, but you'll understand my words brilliantly when it happens. You always have the upper hand.

It's an exhausting duty though - involving 7:00 am interrogations in the kitchen making pancakes with certain prospecting people (awkward), conversations at 2:00 am with certain young ladies (this is, of course, after a gazillion hours of instant messaging when she first met the so-said gentleman) and all the inbetween times of hugging away the uncertainty of "does he love me?" Ridiculous, that. Why on earth would he be dating you if he didn't? What a perfectly illogical thing to say. 

P.s. I assure you, I'm not bitter at all about these things. Just a fair warning to YOU once your sister falls in love. In fact, with -13 points (yes, I keep a point system for how agreeable I think certain gentlemen are) he has quite a long way to go, but I'm forebearing. Actually, I decided he is quite alright - just as long as I have my sister 24/7 for five years after he visits once.

P.p.s. The picture above is what happens when you try to take pictures of people in love. It doesn't really work - they just start acting like goofs and laughing.


  1. Haha, love this! Isn't it illogical though...

  2. ;) Bailey and her "boy"!

    Haha! Bethany - you and your points system...and 7 am. interrogations.. ;) What would Bailey do without you!? ;)

  3. First of all...that pic of Bailey and Erich is super cute ! Secondly, I hate that our sisters are dating...thirdly, we really have to get together and talk about the love birds. Fourthly-I'm sick, too ! lol. We can blow our noses together in misery as we get over colds and cry about our sisters ;) love you !

  4. That is a great picture, Bethany! It's so perfect.

  5. Dear Bethany,
    As I read your post, I laughed. I laughed because you are saying exactly what my thoughts were 1 year ago. You see, one year ago, this weird, over-achieving guy came to my house for fall break, and all of the sudden, he was dating my sister. There wasn't exactly anything "bad" about him, but he was, it seemed, stealing all of my sister's common sense. She giggled at the DUMBEST things, and they spent so much time together accomplishing NOTHING that seemed in the least productive. I got angry, I got jealous, and if my sister had had just a little less grace, I would have lost one of my closest relationships. One year ago, I decided that I would rather die single and be remembered as an intelligent being. Sound familiar? In the six months of their courtship, I found out so much about myself. I discovered that I must be the epitome of selfish. I went from hating my sister's lack of logic, to hating the world, to hating myself. I read 1 Cor. 13, "Love is not jealous," and realized I had gotten so bound up in my heart about the things I didn't understand that I had become a royal mess. I had really done it wrong, and I was so ashamed of myself, it took almost a year to adjust and, only by God's grace and with His help, come to terms with what was actually good in the first place. Today, that weird over-achiever who annoyed the crap out of me is married to- guess who?- my sister. And you know what? He's actually pretty cool. So Bethany, don't give up! Try to have patience with their illogical behavior. Don't do what I did! It's weird, and hard and it takes a lot of adjustment, but in the end, maintaining those relationships is soo much more important than justifying a completely logical attitude. We are not Spock (although sometimes I wish we were!) and emotions are real. Real necessary... and sometimes real stupid... but still necessary! Stay strong, sister in Christ! It's worth it. I'll be praying for you! ~Annie


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