the backyard market

By the twentieth cucumber (of rather incredible size) something drastic had to be done. I mean, there's only so many pickles you can pickle, and only so many cucumber slices you can eat without turning into a cucumber yourself!

It's a Wisconsin thing to tote veggies of interesting character and sell them nonchalantly by the end of a gravel country road (a.k.a, your driveway - most driveways in Wisconsin are gravel roads) I'm not sure if this is just another Wisconsin thing that everyone does, or if it actually works for a small profit. Whatever the case, we'd never tried it, but there's a first for everything.

Seeing as we had produce up to our ears, with some prodding, my mother managed to find some talented salesmen to dispose of our extra greens.

After piling everything in the back of our fifteen-passenger van, the talented driver skillfully maneuvered the van to perfection down the end of the driveway. Without smashing into Sumac branches, mind you (quite a daring feat, I might add)

Looking pretty confident (slightly apprehensive?) at their stand. I promise you, although it looks like a random driveway in the middle of nowhere, there really is a house at the end.

 Told you they were talented. Now who wouldn't want to buy a cucumber from angels practically sent from heaven? Charm - it runs in the family.

(the rear-view mirror picturesque from the drivers point of view)


  1. lol:) Love it!

    I know ALLLLL about too many cucumbers...and zucchini...and tomatoes...and strawberries... lol:)

    Did it work?

  2. Sounds like us, last year! ;) Thank heavens for Farmers Markets etc!


  3. They had 5 customers and made $16!

  4. @ Anna - actually, the cuteness factor seemed to sell more than the vegetables! They made money - but we're still stuck with all this garden produce!

  5. Call me or send me an email if you do this again. I'd be glad to come and shop! (I love the rear-view shot.)


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