then we went fishing and forgot the pliers

I was feeling generous, so generous that I gave the never-before-hardly-ever-offered offer: Joshua I'll take you fishing.

Two problems:

1: I don't have a fishing license
2: Rain clouds

The first I was perfectly aware of, so I explained I couldn't go fishing, however, I would be more than willing to be the emergency party to help my brother fish. The second fact, I vaguely realized but the thought escaped must have escaped my brain.

Camera and book in hand, I settled on the dock enjoying the melodious sound of Sarah and Joshua arguing and deducing the best way to put on a worm. Problem #3 being, they didn't know how to put on a worm and neither were too keen on cutting a wriggling thing into pieces. I'll leave you to guess who became the willing (forced) party to chop the worm for them. And why stop at chopping? With worm guts all over my hands and after the fiftieth moment-of-untangling, I unceremoniously somehow managed to get the worm on the hook for my poor siblings. Yes, I'm such a sacrificing sister.

After hooking twigs, the dock, and almost my forehead - my little brother announced he was moving somewhere else and would I please show him how to cast. Why not? I'm only trying to a read a book (a stupid idea, if you're being the fishing instructor) So I, rather flustered like, grabbed the pole and discovered that not only was there a hook and worm on the end, but a wriggling fish as well! Oh, joy -- my brother was so excited. So was I - there's nothing more heart-warming than seeing the first fish of the year caught by an excited little brother. I was definitely excited for him, as all older sisters should be. Until, I realized, the hook was swallowed, we had no pliers, the fish was bleeding, and it was starting to rain. The only option left was obvious: cut the fish lose, find a tree to keep the rain out, and take pictures with my little sister.

For strangely, that's how most of my fishing trips end.


  1. Oh, goodness. I hope it's okay that I laughed my head off when I read this. :)
    (I will say, though, that I've never been fishing, so I have no experience whatsoever. I could probably put the worm on the hook but that's about it.)


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