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I love summer so much. The only downfall is my random bursts of creativity (bursts as in explosions of magazines, yarn, fabric and what-not in every place imaginable) my ability to eat too many cookies and laugh too hard with siblings. And read too much Agatha Christie - which you all know I can't stand because it's way too interesting and unpredictable. I hate unpredictability.

I forgot how normal life is. Silly things like snuggling with my baby sister on the recliner while watching Sesame Street, or fishing with my little brother and realizing we forgot pliers, after of course the fish swallowed the hook. Somewhere in the Wolf River is a poor fish swimming with a hook and worm in it's throat.

Simple things like listening to Veggie Tales and Newsies while cutting out VBS decorations, spotting my six-year-old brother for a backflip (which turns into a back-front-flip-flop), eating apples at midnight while my little sister and I read with flashlights on my bed..........

I love being home.


  1. Ah, I love summer! :)

    Omygoodness...your school notebooks look so creative. I tried to "dress up" my notebook covers last year and the result was...less than desirable! You're always very crafty and inspiring!


  2. This is so sweet.
    Rachel Hope


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