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An apple a day keeps the doctor away - quoted by an anonymous healthy-apple-loving person
A Brief History //
In a rare moment of brave adventure, I dared the wild limbs of cherry trees and waded through raspberry brambles to reach the only apple tree that had un-rotten apples. I picked a few, froze my fingers and toes in the process (it's cold outside!) and promptly scoured pinterest for a delicious crumble recipe deserving of my heroic efforts.

The Recipe //
Chai Apple Crumble via Buttered Up

Note: I halved the spices and added extra sugar

THE GOOD: smells and looks amazing. I had to keep myself from eating the raw apples with the sugar mixture - it was delish!

THE BAD: The crumble mixture wasn't anything amazing compared to the apples. I was forced to double the crumble mixture, because it didn't cover the apples very well. And forget the 25 minutes thing - it was burning around 15! I ended up covering the pans with foil and baking it about 10 minutes more. The end result was Apple Crisp that tasted alright (the "Chai"ness of it all wasn't even noticeable), but the crumble was a little floury and bland. My review isn't all that accurate, since I butchered the recipe...but all the same - my siblings ate it anyway.

THE "ALRIGHT": I might make this again and play around with the spices - but more than likely, I'll just stick to my old original Apple Crisp recipe.


  1. It was delicious, Bethany! And the whole house smelled yummy while it was baking. It's hard to go wrong with apples and cinnamon.

  2. Ooh apple crumble sounds delish! I'm Grace, by the way :D I just looked up your blog and I love it! I'm looking forward to reading more of your fantastic posts!

  3. @ Grace - I'm glad my random posts of whimsy are amusing. ;) And it's lovely to "meet" you!


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