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(Look at this really random photo I found. I don't even remember why I took it. Random. I told you this was random)
What can I say? Real girls drive fifteen passenger vans
Real girls also forget the different gears in vans. Don't ask.
Real mothers sit in white rocking chairs and talk with crazy kids
Real crazy kids pose for real random photos
Real siblings give hugs especially (especially) when the other siblings don't want one
Real crazy kids go inner-tubing and die the next day, but it's fun (they also get stranded in the middle of rivers...but that's a different story)


  1. :) Pictures make me happy...

    Loved the first picture of Daniel!

  2. lol:)

    What kinda camera are you using, Bethany? Your pictures look really good and I was hoping that (maybe) I could get creative and improve my own (lack of) photography skills... ;)

  3. I agree: real girls do drive big vans. I am, therefore, a real girl along with you. :)

  4. @ Anna - A Nikon D3000? I think? Something like that. I honestly don't remember. :)

    @ Emily - yup. :)


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