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I've been to two job interviews in my life and my conclusion was: be a little more creative.


If you're going to send a rejection letter, at least be blunt. Or better yet, stuff it full of flowery nonsense that is entirely incomprehensible. Instead they all use that same obnoxious phrase, "we're sorry, but we've found another candidate for the position." No joke, I can practically quote a rejection letter before I read it (two sentences of thanks for applying and three for the rejection and closing.)

Of course, I'd never been mailed (as in real mail) a rejection letter until last week. I ceremoniously ripped it into fourths and disposed of it, smiling in unforgivable revenge...oh, I'm terrible like that, you know.

(p.s. I was secretly relieved they didn't hire me, considering I was too busy for a job anyway and being a CNA isn't my cup of tea this month)

I live out my misery in misery: sewing Shakespearre costumes until I drop dead.

But that's a different story entirely. Until I'm strong enough to tell that tale -


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