of squashing frogs and broken laptops

Fact #4,609: if it runs with electricity - I can break it. And I will, too. Cameras, dishwashers, irons, washing machines, laptops -- nothing is exempt from my bewitching touch.

It's expensive - and I'm older, therefore more responsible - so guess who pays? But after the fourth time of sending in a broken laptop (the same one) I'm a little frazzled.

Days can get worse, of course...I understand that. Like running the car into the curb, killing myself from car sickness from a crazy lane change, going through an agonizing three-hour lesson of pre-calculus...

(by the way, I was thiiiissss close to quitting Calculus - until a miracle happened and I got a high score. Sad day)

But nothing is worse than driving the dark, in a down-pour of rain and squishing frogs which are hopping on the road. It's disgusting.

Days can be happy, too. Like going to see Man of Steel with my brother. It was so inspiring that we saved the day at the movie theater by replacing the door jam. The employee was actually really thrilled and thankful we took the time to do so, and smiled her thanks. Yes, my twin brother and I are secretly ninja-superheroes. 

In fact, I once convinced someone that I knew martial arts.

Stay tuned for my exciting experience in the pumpkin patch - you won't want to miss this one. However, I'm still recovering from the shock - so you'll just have to wait!

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