question of salvation

Salvation felt like a game. Perhaps you've played it? There you sit, tortured in uncertainty, 'am I saved?' I remember just meeting a crazy hilarious girl and we promptly sat down and talked. She didn't know if she was saved.

"...and every time there's an invitation at church or I hear the gospel again, I pray that God would save me every single time - because I'm not sure!"

Do I really believe this? Do I need to...believe HARDER? Do I need to act better and more Christian-like to somehow squeeze into that small window of acception? I'd agonize. I'd read through the gospel and assure myself I knew it...

The fears didn't subside. Eventually, of course - they did. But they would come at random times and haunt me until I was forced to just ignore them in a weak panic.

I had - as my friend also had - a flawed trust in my faith, my belief, and too much emphasis on me trusting Jesus. It stripped away the gospel of what the gospel is - a gift. The saving power of the gospel isn't just 100% belief, your decision or your total surrender to God...it's simply: God.

We can't save ourselves - so when does our belief save us? When does that prayer of repentance save?

No. It wasn't the prayer or the belief that guarantees your salvation. It's Christ's willing sacrifice and willingly taking our wrath and our punishment that saves.

It is God's love - not our works
It is God's action - not our belief
It is God's pursuit - not our race
It is God's forgiveness - not our repentance
It is God's work - not our change for the better

How do dead people suddenly become alive? Not because they ran to the Healer - but because the Healer ran to them! So before you agonize over your part of salvation - as to whether it's truly "authentic" or not - remember the truth of the matter:

God's saves.




    Just watched a movie on Luther with my Reformation class (who were mostly Catholic -- it was a hilarious dynamic), and it vividly portrayed his terror at God's judgment and his constant battle with believing that he was free from sin and uncondemned. I'm so thankful that we CAN have assurance, confidence and joy in our salvation -- and not this soul-wrenching fear that our part isn't sufficient enough.


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