dear pre-cal

Dear Pre-Cal,

Despite your best intentions, and your uncanny ability to cause my brain to fry; I have written to tell you the following: you won't and will not beat me. True, the highest I've made on a test is a low B, and so far I've averaged a low D - but I'm determined to wade through every one of your mind-boggling lessons until I reach the end of the book, and the end of my patience. 

yours truly

P.s. What I listen to during traumatic math ordeals (it helps me burn off steaming vengeance bubbling inside...)
Discombobulate by Hans Zimmer on Grooveshark


  1. Oh, goodness :) I immediately started laughing when I saw the Sherlock Holmes song...I listened to that song while pounding out a literature essay yesterday !

    I don't believe you-I mean, I don't believe that you have only received a low B on a pre-cal test. And that you're averaging a low D overall in it. You are probably getting low A's that you consider to be as dreadful as C's. Darling, you are smart--and you don't have to get straight A's in pre-cal to prove it ! As you said to me once, "Chin up, buttercup !" Love ya....

  2. @ Sarah - yes...I'm prone to exaggeration, and I don't think I'm averaging a low D lesson-wise (test wise, I'm not very sure...). Actually, three days after writing this I got an A on a test! Whoopee! However - I'm not frustrated about the grades (I honestly don't care), I just don't like per-calculus. :D I know the effort is just as priceless as the grades. So if I get a C in pre-cal, I really won't care. Just as long as I finish the book!

    And isn't music an amazing way to stay alive? ;)

    I love ya!

  3. *pre-calculus, my dear keyboard...*pre-calculus. Not per calculus.


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