My children's church kiddos seemed to be tiring from our endless bible trivia game of Zap - so I decided something more rewarding was needed at the end of the lesson. While surfing for ideas on pinterest, falling asleep, and trying to do a power point for the lesson Brother Against Brother, I suddenly found a mysterious looking pin labeled, "the flip chute". Although it looked incredibly simplistic, I was beginning to have an itchy feeling in my brain...

Commence Samgar-Nebo!

What would be more fun than feeding a trivia question into a charming robot? He even has a top hat (and he answers correctly every single time!) 

My siblings found him adorable, and we were up until eleven giving him questions. The only down fall was the numerous operations he had to go through before perfection, and the fact that you can see the answer as you feed it to him.

All in all - this is going to be a great edition to the post-children's church questions.

My minor alterations to the "flip-chute" were as follows:
  • I used a velveeta-cheese box instead of an juice carton
  • I added eyes as a "flap" so you can't see the chute inside 
P.s. In case you were wondering, Samgar-Nebo is apparently the word for Babylonian Prince. However, it sounded nerdy enough to name my handsome robot. 


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