the homeschooled psat

It's always weird walking into a real high school. It's nothing like my comfy classroom of a bed, piles of blankets, socks, hot chocolate and Sherlock Holmes playing in the background.

This time, however, I wasn't thinking about how scary highschools look against foggy sky. All I could think about was the five minutes left  to race inside, sign in, and find the right room. We (that is, my brother and I) made it in fine. The lady checking off names knew right away who we were - since it was rather obvious...

Let me get this straight about the PSAT. The scary part is not the test. I mean, the worst thing you can do is get all the answers wrong. The scariest thing is filling out all the stuff before hand. And when you're homeschooled, it's all so confusing because it's way different when you're homeschooled. They gloss over the homeschooling rules so fast, I think fifty times over whether I was hallucinating what I heard. Do I write my address here? No? Wait...what?

Another thing - my brief experience at public school is down-right miserable. I mean, creepy, deep voices echoing throughout the building, "Class begins now" is not exactly my idea of...coziness.

But when your homeschooled, you're just spoiled like that. You can study all day - but it's manageable as long as you have a blanket or five. (and Sherlock Holmes playing in the background!)

After the test, we met a really nice somebody - I don't exactly know who - and we chatted...it would've been pleasant, had it not been in the cafeteria, where all the seniors were staring at two unfamiliar faces. Things got worse in the office, when we attempted to sign out and were promptly stopped. They thought we were truant. Or something. Awkward.

Amen to Dorothy. My words are hers:

"There's no place like home."

100% yes.


  1. Ugh, public schools are such a terrorizing experience for me. I had to go take driver's ed back in January. I knew it would be bad, but really, who knew that freshmen boys can be that immature?! I'm sincerely hoping that I never have to go back, except for my ACT test.

    I do so love homeschooling. My bedroom is so much cozier than an actual classroom.

  2. you just absolutely captured homeschooling and the art of psats perfectly in your words. :)

  3. Oh dear, yes. Thankfully my PSAT experience wasn't as traumatic as yours. I did get one of the funniest comments ever:

    "So, you're homeschooled?"
    "Did you think it was hard?"
    "Oh, good, that makes me feel better! Even a homeschooler thought it was hard!"



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