To my best friend concerning the unnoticed guy who dropped a leaf

Dear Bestie Amiga,

I watched a guy randomly drop a leaf into your lap - hoping you'd notice. You didn't, thank heavens, and I do think you hurt his feelings. I can't begin to explain my feelings of intense amusement, yet, at the same time, completely uncontrollable anger. I glared him down and dared him mentally to try such a prank again. He got the point, I think, and left. Good thing too, he might've ended up flat on his back.

I have already lost one sister to romance (a fact which I'm almost beginning to accept) and in no way is my best friend next (not that you are, my dear bestie -- I know you're not!)

To be sure, I know awkward guys trying to get your attention are no where near ever being granted such an honor, not even for one second.

However. I just want to let you know that the Leaf-Dropping Incident made me so jealously, fumingly, righteously mad, that I've been prompted to write it down in a fury of emotion.

Don't you dare ever grow up, bestie.

Your practically-half sister


  1. Remind me to keep Erich away from leaves lest the Wrath of Bethany be provoked.

    p.s. Text me whoever gets the part of Anne, because it's definitely going to be one of you three.

    p.p.s. Be proud of me. I avoided reading and ranting over a blog article about how rock music is a sin.

  2. So, what would you do if a guy dropped a leaf into your lap ? Ha,ha ! You'd probably fly at him like your character, Miranda ;)

    Good luck with auditions, girl !!! You'll be amazing-as always...

  3. @ Bailey - well naturally, he wouldn't be dropping leaves in your lap, because he already has your attention. ;) All the same, it's probably a good idea to warn him of my...well...you know...abrupt actions of defense.

    @ Sarah - if a guy dropped a leaf into my lap, I'd wait for you to drop-kick him, of course. And then afterwards we laugh about it for years!

  4. love it!! this is what best friends are for.


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