to nap or not to nap? That's...not a question

Someday I'll compile a collection of witty sayings to replace conversation and lame excuses

I quote my science book: "As we've mentioned before, we do not want you to memorize the names and positions of all 640 skeletal muscles in the body! Instead, we'll just go through some the major muscles."

Five days later - in need of a new pair of eyeballs - my brain still refuses to memorize that 'mercifully shortened' list of muscles. Of course - not 640...that would just be too cruel...however, 320 isn't desirable either.

I jest (I think...I haven't counted them) - but I'm no where near knowing the peroneus longus compared to the extensor digitorum longus much less the flexor digitorum longus! Do I have time to memorize all the thigh flexors of the body + their antagonists? Oh, and don't forget all the lateral, medial, adductors and abductors of the arm, shoulder, wrist, ankle and leg.

Yes, I'm surprised that my science book hasn't ended up in the paper shredder.

And I'm still more surprised that I haven't taken a nap instead of studying. I'm tempted almost beyond my strength to hold out.

It doesn't help that the computer broke and I can't do Spanish, I totally misunderstood Calculus and have received about seven consecutive C's and D's (I don't care about the grades - but all those corrections!!) and I have an essay I'm too tired to redraft.

It's official. I'm taking a nap.

Author's Warning of Noticeable Obviousness: I don't know whether pitying laziness is a good thing - or pitying laziness that might be tiredness is any better. I also don't know how to control the impulse of the mind to write a scathing letter to a science company about torturing susceptible students to reading an innocent "anatomy" textbook. A piece of advice - don't pity the author, plug away at anatomy anyway - but most importantly...if you must take anatomy - have a specific reason. Besides trying to punish yourself.


  1. Wow, are you taking Apologia "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made"? I so remember the skeletal muscles! My goodness! You have my hearty sympathy.

    Have you played "Poke-A-Muscle"? It's online somewhere - really helpful for the locations of the major muscles. Of course, you still have to learn all the little ones ... and their functions...

    God helps in even the little things, as I learned during that module. :)


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