why grace's should never take ballet

Remember that girl who slammed into a file box; the girl who managed to slip in ballet shoes? My Bestie and I, who share the middle name of Grace, both joked that we were doomed to be ungraceful for the rest of our lives.

Seriously. Together, we've managed to spill coffee up the church stairs, one of us has nearly slid off piano bench (at church), fall down an entire flight of stairs, slip backwards on hardwood floor, smack into a wall --

Get the picture?

Yet I still have the stubborn stupidity to try my thumb - er, toes - at ballet. It's fun - it really is. Especially wearing the ballet gear and feeling pretty has tulle floats behind your spinning body. That is, if you're purposely spotting while you're spinning, and not walking around crazy trying to regain your brain, which you lost a while back.

Why am I bringing this whole topic up?

Ask the hot pad resting on my poor leg, which has been stuck in a tight contracted position for about twelve hours.

My siblings laughed as I literally crawled across the floor (I'm babysitting, by the way) sobbing for some ice. Hysterically sobbing - considering I was laughing so hard.

The moral of the story:

If you're middle name is Grace - don't do ballet.

Unless you're willingly aware of the consequences.


  1. Ok, I spilled the coffee, slid off the piano bench (literally ;)), and fell down the stairs at church ! At least you aren't humiliated in public ! At least you were ungraceful in the surroundings of your home !!!! lol.

    Oh, the joy of being graceful !!!! :) Much love !

  2. Only you.

    Stop making me miss home.


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